Packing service

This service is suitable for customers, they want to carry valuable pieces property and furniture. If you are moving to another country, this is the safe way for your furniture. Our team will pack everything instead of you and you can spend your time completing another important tasks.

a) according to things cubature (work and material are included in price)


Type of goodsPacking materialPrice for 1 m3 of packed goodsPrice for 1 m3 unpacked goods
books, pictures, clothes and other small thingspackaging paper, bubble foil, cardboard boxes, labels39,83 €13,27 €
furniture, leather couches etc.bubble foil, stretch foil, wavy cardboard26,55 €13,27 €

b) wage per person per hour 7,00 € (minimum 14 €) + used materials price


Type of goodsProportions in cmSuitable forRent priceSale price
cardboard box MONITOR50x50x50monitor PC1,49 €3,50 €
cardboard box - middle55x35x35knihy, dokumenty, riady, šanóny0,99 €2,50 €
cardboard box - small35x35x35drobné predmety0,90 €1,50 €
cardboard box with strap60x50x130šaty, obleky5,00 €14,60 €
bubble foil with paperrola: 1,2m x 100mnábytok, sedačky80,00 €
wavy cardboardrola: 1m x 150mnábytok, obrazy70,00 €
bubble foilrola: 1m x 100mnábytok, sedačky25,00 €
bubble foil1mnábytok, sedačky 0,35 €
stretch foilrola: 45cm, hrúbka: 20µmna fixáciu obalov7,00 €
packing paper1 kgbalenie skla, riadu2,50 €
PVC bags1 kgoblečenie, paplóny0,99 €
adhesive tape1 kgprelepenie krabíc0,99 €
labels24 ks na liste A4popis tovaru v krabici0,50 €
paleta EURO biela1 kspreprava tovaru10,00 €
paleta EURO tmavá1 kspreprava tovaru6,00 €
Paleta ŠTANDARD1 kspreprava tovaru4,00 €
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